Indoor Water Park Concept Plans Unveiled

TORNADO 24 – Fast and Furious

Riders enter the TORNADO at the steepest angles and the fastest speeds. As they sweep high up the opposite wall – and across the equator line – they experience an unparalleled feeling of weightlessness. With their vehicle almost perpendicular to the ground, riders feel like they are about to tip over; but the curved funnel wall keeps them perfectly safe. After a series of these exciting oscillations, riders descend through the outrun and exit the ride.

CannonBOWL 30 – Spin Cycle

Guests move into the bowl at high speed and stay glued to its wall as they circle the perimeter multiple times. The curvature of the bowl is specially designed to produce the smoothest, safest rotations. As soon as the vehicle loses speed, it moves to the center of the bowl and quickly exits. Ensuring the entire ride – from start to finish – is equally thrilling.

TWISTER – The Ultimate Body Slide

Riders speed through back-to-back turns, 360° loops and curves of the fiberglass slides. The unique flume profiles and high banks keep riders in a stable position for more comfort and safety.

TurboTWISTER – High Speed Fun

Riders feel the world drop out from under them as they blast through the narrow looping and twisting tunnels on one of the most exhilarating water rides around! A high speed, enclosed body slide, the TurboTWISTER features back-to-back curves and tight 360° loops that send riders screaming to the end.

SuperLOOP – Twist and Shout and SkyBOX – The Ultimate Challenge

Standing in the transparent SkyBOX launch pod high above the water park, thrill-riders feel the adrenaline rush as the floor suddenly drops out and they free fall into the narrow flume below. It’s all a blur as riders instantly accelerate to top speed through the near-vertical chute before transitioning smoothly into the tight 360° SuperLOOP. Powerful g-forces glue the rider to the wall as they round the loop. The run-out gently slows riders as they exit.

RideHOUSE 300 – Interactivity Overload

The RideHOUSE is chock-full of fun, including the large Battle Zone with its opposing bridges lined with water shooters, a rope bridge that connects the two sides and ground mounted water shooters in the middle. Younger guests get their own KIDZ Bowl, racers and more; experiencing exhilaration that’s scaled to size.

Discovery Zone and Interactive Exhibits

The park strives to integrate fun with learning in a state of the art learning center. Groups of students can attend the park for a morning of fun and learning, then hit the flumes for an afternoon of water park fun!