Sport Resort Activities Overview

Sport Resort Activities Overview

Wakeboard Lake

“Wake up Dunes!” is one of the country’s newest outdoor cable wakeboard adventure parks. Designed for both beginners and pros, the park showcases the world-renowned Rixen cableway system featuring runs of both 120 and 750 meters in length. Stop by our Pro Shop to pick up everything you need. Looking to refuel after riding the waves? Then cozy up to the Sandbar for a cool drink and a tasty snack. If you are hooked on riding water, “Wake up Dunes!” is the adventure for you.

Aerial Adventure Towers

Every lake needs an island and we have a solar powered pontoon boat to get you there. The island at “Wake up Dunes!” plays host to two soaring adventure towers. These steel structures stand 70 feet above the water in testimony to Northwest Indiana’s industrial saga. Over 120 climbing elements grace the main tower and allow guests to safely go out on a limb. Little ones can enjoy multiple climbing opportunities inches above the ground. Adrenaline junkies need not despair – the second tower’s zip lines and leaps will gladly feed the need for speed.

Indoor “Drive-In” Theatre

Thirty years ago there were 2,400 drive-in theatres, today only about 300 survive. Recapture the spirit of the 1960s that saw the birth of American muscle cars. Dream of the perfect summer sunset, the golden twilight, a gentle breeze with crickets chirping in the background as you take your seat in an authentic ‘65 Ford Mustang, ‘67 Pontiac GTO or ’69 Chevy Camaro. If that dream happens to include a mouth watering cheeseburger, fries and a shake come early or leave late because the “Drive-in” restaurant won’t make you wait. Remember, it’s not a dream, its reality at the Sport Resort’s Indoor “Drive-In” theatre, restaurant and bar.


Derived from the German word meaning “to float” the Shweeb is a unique self-propelled monorail that allows guests to pedal their way around the Sport Resort property. In time, it’s anticipated that the Shweeb personal rapid transit system will leave the site and continue on to the Portage Riverwalk and Lakefront inside the Indiana National Lakeshore. Further, it will eventually stop at the South Shore train station to allow guests a convenient ride west to downtown Chicago or east to the Lighthouse Place premium outlet shopping mall in nearby Michigan City, Indiana.

The Dome

At the heart of the Sport Resort is one of the largest domes in North America. 165,000 square feet of pillar-less space suitable for multiple sports events and large group gatherings. Court sports, field sports, track and field, concerts, trade shows or dinner for 3,000 + attendees, the Sport Resort Dome knows no limits. With its on-site, pro caliber athletic performance training center and sports medicine and physical therapy clinic, Sport Resort is a safe, modern facility intended to promote general health and wellness.

Indoor Waterpark

Temperature dropping, blowing snow, family suffering from cabin fever then head to the Sport Resort. Themed with the maritime history of some of Lake Michigan’s most famous shipwrecks and the flora and fauna of the Indiana Dunes; it’s always 80,000 square feet of hot, wet summer excitement. Climb to the top of the “Heron’s Nest” and take the plunge. Experience the “Beach House Blowout” or the Lake Michigan “Storm Surge” as it claims yet another unfortunate vessel.

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